• rsz_1piccolo_aug_2015_1-595x742

    “Piccolo” Ralston

    Aug 01 2015

    August’s patient of the month is ‘Piccolo’ Ralston, he is a 6 year old black and white long haired kitty. He was brought in by his mom as he had…

  • rsz_loki_2_2-1-595x334

    “Loki” Wilwand

    Jun 01 2015

    June’s patient of the month is ‘Loki’ Wilwand. He is a two year old black Domestic Shorthaired kitty. He was brought in by his mom Shawna as he was urinating…

  • dexter

    “Dexter” Cheung

    May 01 2015

    May’s patient of the month is Dexter Cheung, he is an adorable 5 month old Pug mix.  He was brought in recently by his mom Gloria as he was bitten…

  • Huey-Lowe-Apr-pom-595x892

    “Huey” Lowe

    Apr 01 2015

    April’s patient of the month is ‘Huey’ Lowe.  Huey is a handsome senior Labrador mix.  His owners Simon and Sean adopted him in 2012 after seeing him on SPCA’s pet…

  • jack1-595x595

    “Jackson” Neufeld

    Mar 01 2015

    March’s patient of the month is ‘Jackson’ Neufeld, he is an 11 month old Tan coloured French Bulldog. He is a super happy sweet guy who bounces with joy whenever…

  • Babywright2-595x1052

    “Baby” Wright

    Feb 01 2015

    February’s patient of the month is ‘Baby’ Wright. He is an almost 12 year old Yorkshire Terrier. We are quite fond of this little guy and enjoy when he is…

  • Miles-1-595x796

    “Miles” Steinmetz

    Jan 01 2015

    January’s patient of the month is ‘Miles’ Steinmetz. He is a rather sophisticated 11 year old Boston Terrier. He was recently brought in by his mother Bianca as he was…

  • Metabolic1

    How much are you really feeding your pet?

    Dec 10 2014

    Most dogs and cats don’t receive adequate exercise to maintain good health.Dogs spend 60 percent to 70 percent of their days lying down, with no activity. A pound is not…

  • Valentino

    “Valentino” Girard

    Dec 01 2014

    December’s patient of the month is ‘Valentino’ Girard. He is a 3 year old Persian kitty who was a world class show cat.  He is now retired and living the…

  • untitled

    Senior Nutrition

    Nov 10 2014

    Hill’s g/d – Feline: For the Nutritional Management of Older Cats. Prescription Diet g/d Feline cat food is formulated to be helpful in older cats and is a nutritional aid…