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Patient of the Month

“Miles” Steinmetz

By January 1, 2015 No Comments
January’s patient of the month is ‘Miles’ Steinmetz. He is a rather sophisticated 11 year old Boston Terrier. He was recently brought in by his mother Bianca as he was squinting with his right eye. In his appointment Dr. Dear used a fluorescein stain and saw there was an ulcer on his right eye. Miles was sent home with some medication and a cone to keep him from scratching at his eye while it was healing. It took some time and a lot of worrying and effort from his mom but Miles is now fully recovered and so happy to be free from the cone.
Miles lives a pretty fabulous life, he has a sister Luna who is a 6 year old Border Collie and his mom is a professional dog walker . Here are a few words about Miles sent in by his mom:
“Miles is not a morning dog and only gets up to eat breakfast and hides in
the bed underneath as many blankets as he can find. I literally have to
“un-burry” him and carry him to the door to get him out for a walk. His
face and ears are always his give away, if he wants something he
manipulates you with the cutest “I am just a little angel” look I have ever
seen. He loves to play with his toys, destroys every fabric toy within
minutes like it’s life or death and will play fetch for hours. In Luna he
has the most patient big sister who will lick his face if he’s not feeling
well or will let him lick her face for hours just to make him happy. He’s
the best cuddler and snores beautifully lol For treats and food he will do
almost anything you ask for unless it is walking in the snow.”

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