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    “Duke” Hartley

    Jan 01 2013

    Duke Hartley was a handsome 6 and a half year-old male vizsla, who came to Oak Animal Hospital for an abdominal ultrasound with Dr. Dhillon. Previous to coming to our…

  • “Sola” Yard

    Dec 01 2012

    Sola is a beautiful female black and white domestic shorthair cat of 5 years old, who was presented with vomiting, decreased appetite, and abdominal pain recently at Oak Animal Hospital.…

  • Chester Archibald

    Nov 01 2012

    Ny name is Chester. I am 15 months old. I am the best thing that has ever happened to my parents. Because of me they have made many new friends…

  • “Oscar” Levy

    Oct 01 2012

    Oscar is a 3 1/2 year old cat who is the delight of the neighbourhood. He’s a happy lad who enjoys socializing with humans and other cats. His laid back…

  • “Nova” Roberts

    Sep 01 2012

    In 2004, we were volunteer dog walkers at the Vancouver City Pound. ¬†We had just moved into a house with a backyard so were thinking about adopting a dog but…

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    “Smudge” Kuys

    Aug 07 2012

    Bio & pic coming soon!

  • “Shadow” Werk

    Jul 09 2012

    Birthday: January 1, 2012 in Chilliwack, BC Shadow is an excellent cuddler. He loves running around at the park and eating anything he can reach. He wags his tail fiercely…

  • “Winston” Hennessey

    Jun 06 2012

    Mr. Winston Norman Rockwell was born in the Interior on 12th August 2011 to Jack Russell/Border Collie/Mini Aussie parents. To his friends and family his is known simply as Sir…

  • “Sebastian” Kloss

    May 02 2012

    Sebastian is well known to most people as Mr. Kitty. He was rescued on the side of the highway as a kitten, which was the start of his luck. He…

  • “Poutine” Rawal

    Apr 16 2012

    Here comes princess Poutine, the sweetest little French Bulldog this side of Paris. She loves to meet new people and give them hugs and kisses–especially if they have treats! Her…