• How much are you really feeding your pet?

    Dec 10 2014

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    Most dogs and cats don’t receive adequate exercise to maintain good health.Dogs spend 60 percent to 70 percent of their days lying down, with no activity. A pound is not…

  • Senior Nutrition

    Nov 10 2014

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    Hill’s g/d – Feline: For the Nutritional Management of Older Cats. Prescription Diet g/d Feline cat food is formulated to be helpful in older cats and is a nutritional aid…

  • Warning signs to watch for in your senior pet

    Nov 03 2014

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    Awareness of the warning signs and regular preventive health screens, including a physical exam and blood work are the best ways to ensure that your senior pet lives a long,…

  • Senior Preventive Program

    Oct 31 2014

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    November & December Is Senior Preventive Care Month! The aim of our Senior Preventive Program is to maintain the quality of the patient’s life and to slow the progression of…

  • Stock up & save on flea / worm preventives

    Dec 02 2013

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    Stock up & save! Buy any 6 month box of Advantage Multi or Sentinel and get the second box for 25% off. It is common for pets to become infected…