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Patient of the Month

“Lulu” Peng

By March 1, 2013 No Comments

Lulu is an adorable 8 week old shetland sheepdog puppy, who was transferred to our hospital from Vancouver Animal Emergency Clinic after our regular business hours. Although we were closed, our overnight nurse was able to reach Dr. Dhillon to come in so we could admit her. Lulu was diagnosed with parvovirus at the emergency clinic, which is a serious, highly contagious virus, mainly affecting dogs. It can be especially severe in puppies who are not protected by maternal antibodies or vaccination.  
Since Lulu arrived with a final diagnosis already, she was placed on IV fluids, her
blood glucose and vital signs checked regularly, and was given medication
injections to help her on her road to recovery. We also ran a fecal test, which
came back showing toxocara eggs (roundworms) and coccidia (parasite), therefore a course of antibiotics was prescribed to clear these up. She did very well at our hospital, and she was discharged after only staying one more night with us after she was admitted. Lulu is now continuing her recovery at home with her wonderful owners, and is making great progress!
Here are a few words from Lulu’s family: “When we found out that Lulu caught the Parvovirus our whole family was super worried, we rushed her to the Vancouver Emergency Clinic on Tuesday where she stayed a night before transferring to Oak, that was the best decision we could’ve made! The Oak animal Clinic is not only extremely professional at their work, but  both the doctors and the nurses truly care about the patients! We received multiple calls a day from the clinic to give us updates on our baby sheltie girl, everyone at the clinic was very passionate and caring, absolutely the best place a sick puppy could be! Lulu was able to come home to us after just two days, we want to thank Oak Animal Hospital for saving her life and we will definitely be coming back here.”

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