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Stock up & save on flea / worm preventives

By December 2, 2013 No Comments

Stock up & save!

Buy any 6 month box of Advantage Multi or Sentinel and get the second box for 25% off.

It is common for pets to become infected with internal or external parasites at some point in their lifetime. Parasites can affect your dog or cat in a variety of ways ranging from simple irritation, to life-threatening conditions if left untreated. Some parasites can infect and transmit disease to people, more commonly children, the immuno-compromised and the elderly.

It is easier and more cost-effective to prevent fleas and other parasites, than it is to treat an infected pet. We recommend taking preventive measures once monthly, using Sentinel or Advantage Multi. Protect yourself and your family by having a parasite-free pet!

For more information on how to protect your family and pets from parasites please visit:

This offer is valid until December 1st 2014

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