Warning signs to watch for in your senior pet

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Awareness of the warning signs and regular preventive health screens, including a physical exam and blood work are the best ways to ensure that your senior pet lives a long, healthy and happy life.

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Signs to watch for:

-Just not acting like himself/herself
-Interacting less often with family
-Responding less often or less enthusiastically
-Showing changes in behavior/activity level
-Having difficulty climbing stairs
-Having difficulty jumping
-Exhibiting increased stiffness or limping
-Drinking more often
-Urinating more often
-Changing eating patterns
-Noticeably gaining or losing weight
-Losing housetraining habits
-Changing sleeping patterns
-Becoming confused or disoriented
-Changing hair coat, skin, or new lumps or bumps
-Scratching more often
-Exhibiting bad breath/red or swollen gums
-Showing tremors or shaking


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